Day 348: A Snowman Abduction

The SnowmanAlright, I’m back to my regularly scheduled week.  Apparently that means not getting much sleep again.  This time it was mostly Christmas related things distracting me.  I suppose I can’t entirely blame Christmas for my brother’s visit but I can a little bit.  Not that him visiting is a bad thing, it’s just another thing that’s happening.  The main distraction, beyond the usual reading, actually originated from today’s sketch.  I had intended to try for an early night so I settled for a simple easy sketch rather than something more complicated and time consuming.  Thus the snowman.  The sketch just so happened to remind me of something I had intended to get someone for Christmas this year that I completely forgot about.  Then that led me on a bit of an Amazon binge.  I just couldn’t get the shipping and gift options to work out in my favour.  Sometimes these things can be really exhausting.  In the end I had to just give up on it.  I’ll give it another shot when I’m slightly more awake … whenever that might be.

The pen sketch/doodle for the day on the other hand was once again inspired by The X-Files.  I suppose both of my sketches for today ended up being doodles really but this one was a bit more intentionally so.  My husband and I finished Season 7 of The X-Files this evening and I did this doodle during that episode.  In some ways it feels like the end of the show so I kind of wanted to mark it somehow.  Now we just need to get through the final two Mulder-less seasons.  I never actually watched those all the way through.  When they originally aired I was too disappointed by Mulder leaving the show and mostly just tuned in for his guest appearances.  So it may actually be interesting to finally watch them.

Alien Abduction


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