Day 347: Eight Arms and A Hand

One of NineToday may have been the easiest day ever for deciding what to draw.  Actually it was a pretty easy day all around.  Sundays are great.  The downside is that I have no idea how I made it to the end of the day so fast and I really don’t feel like I got anything done.  At least it was a fun waste of time though.  I spent time with my friends.  I spent time with my husband.  I spent time with my brother.  I spent time with my cats.  It may not have been productive but I think there’s a chance that it was in some way therapeutic.  I actually had a really nice relaxing weekend and I think I was in need of that.

Anyway, when it came time to decide on something to draw I was prepared to finally meet up with some difficulty.  I thought I would have to fumble around aimlessly trying to think of something.  Instead some long forgotten corner of my brain suddenly decided to blurt out the word “octopus”.  I really truly have no idea where that came from.  It just did.  I wasn’t doing anything remotely related to octopuses.  There were no octopuses in anything I was watching, reading or interacting with.  It was literally just the first thing that came to mind and for some reason I was oddly vehement about the decision to draw it.  Of course since I haven’t had any form of interaction with any octopus either real or imaginary in who knows how long I didn’t really have a very clear mental image of one.  I just had to make up what it looked like.  That was actually quite fun.


Of course then I assumed the difficulty would come in with the charcoal sketch.  Luckily I remembered that it was hand drawing day and that solved that problem.  I have mentioned that I love Sundays, yes?  I didn’t even try for an original pose this time.  Nor did I really try to stay on the page.  I just picked a pose and went with it.  Today wasn’t really a trying to do anything day.  It was a go with the flow day.  Tomorrow will be back to business as usual but I’m glad I had today.


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