Day 346: Flowers and Faces

HibiscusI seem to be becoming rather predictable these days.  For some reason all I seem to want to draw these days are flowers and faces.  Either they’re incredibly interesting or I’m just incredibly boring.  Maybe I’m just finally starting to run out of interesting things to draw 346 days into this experiment.  I at least made a vague attempt at drawing something else though.

My charcoal sketch for today was of a pair of hibiscus flowers.  These days I follow pretty much any suggestion anyone gives me for what to draw at some point or other.  A friend of mine mentioned that I should draw some hibiscus flowers a while ago.  I finally got around to giving it a proper effort.  They are pretty interesting flowers.

My ink sketches on the other hand were just completely random.  I’m still working on deconstructing cartoon faces.  So far I’m mostly working on three quarter angles.  Once I get those right I’ll work on turning them more.

Faces, Kangaroos and Flames


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