Day 344: Family Movie Night

A Jet Lagged Movie NightI’m slightly better rested today but still extremely tired. My brother flew in today and he’s even more tired than I am though. He has some jet lag to deal with. Anyway, since it’s his first night here we decided to pick up some pizza and do a movie night. It’s nice but it did affect my figure drawing Thursday a bit. I’m afraid this week I didn’t really have access to Mr. Mannequin. No doubt he’ll be back next week though.

My charcoal sketch is my brother dosing while watching the movie. It seemed like the best way to get some figure drawing practice in given the absence of Mr. Mannequin. The pen doodles started out inspired by the movie and then I decided to just start doing random swirls. I don’t do a lot of that sort of thing but it is nice once in a while. I also did a couple of those silly Disney doodles earlier in the day.

When Pirates AttackRaja the Tiger


6 thoughts on “Day 344: Family Movie Night

    1. Thank you :). I agree in principal. I should definitely do more life drawing. The trouble is finding interesting things to draw from life. More specifically, the problem is finding interesting things to draw that stay still long enough to be drawn.

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