Day 343: Sketches from a Sleepy Artist

A Collection of the Real and the ImaginedThis has been a really bad week for getting basically any sleep at all.  It’s probably mostly because I started the week out on the wrong foot.  It’s never good to start a week out with sleep deprivation.

I did another sketch at work today that I don’t have access to because I didn’t have the means to scan it.  I may yet post it along with the two from yesterday once I finally get them scanned.  We’ll see.  I did however remember to bring my ink sketchbook home with me today.  I suppose that’s some progress.

I’m afraid I don’t really have much to offer in the way of sketches today though.  I’m really just too tired to draw right now.  I gave it a half-hearted effort but I really just want to go to bed.  People at work are starting to think I’m angry with them because of how tired I’ve been and my penchant for being very quiet and frowning a lot when I’m tired.  I should get some sleep before I drive away any friends I actually managed to acquire.

A Half-Hearted Portrait AttemptThe English Cat


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