Day 342: Coffee and a Bird

Peregrine FalconSomewhere in the have of tiredness and moving and life in general the concept of “Draw a Bird Day” still managed to seep through.  I’m pretty sure that’s today, right?  I believe it’s supposed to be the 8th of the month.  If not then I suppose this is just a random bird sketch.  Blame it on the sleep deprivation I suppose.  It’s not exactly my best bird sketch ever but it is still vaguely bird shaped.  I’m pretty amazed I even managed that much.  All of my plans of early nights and catching up on sleep pretty much evaporated.

Once again I used the wonderful Something To Draw website to provide me with a reference picture.  The “Bird” filter was quite handy for today’s sketch.  The photo I chose was submitted by Brian E Kushner.  Apparently it’s supposed to be a peregrine falcon.

I did have more sketches today (non-bird sketches) but I left them at work.  Only one of the drawings was done in my sketchbook which was or at least would have been my ink sketch for the day.  The rest were done on paper and I left all of them (including my entire ink sketchbook) behind.  Perhaps I’ll remember to scan them tomorrow and upload them.  For now though this is it.


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