Day 341: Some More Cartoon Studies

All of the ArthursI am extremely tired.  I’m also beginning to sound like a broken record.  Right now I’m just a little too tired to care though.  It’s only Monday and I’m already completely and utterly exhausted.  This does not bode well.  Maybe tomorrow I should just give up any ideas of unpacking or organizing the house and just come home from work and sleep.  That idea sound incredibly appealing right about now.

Unfortunately I was in fact far too tired to actually do a proper sketch today.  Apparently all I felt like doing was practicing drawing random cartoon faces.  I suppose that is something I want to improve with.  I mean I still want to improve with actual faces too but I was far too tired to manage that so I settled for some cartoon faces instead.

As White as Charcoal


8 thoughts on “Day 341: Some More Cartoon Studies

    1. Yes, I hardly ever do the 10 minute thing. I always feel like it’s lacking. I do like doing cartoon faces though. I’m glad Arthur was recognizable. I was going for all of the cartoon Arthurs for some reason.

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