Day 340: A Gnarly Hand

A Gnarly HandSo apparently today didn’t actually need to be quite as busy as it was. Actually it didn’t really need to be busy at all. I could have spent the day unpacking and getting my new house set up. Unfortunately I mixed up my dates and ended up heading into the city instead. At least I got a nice day in the city with my husband out of it though. That’s a pretty nice silver lining even if it doubled the productivity loss for the day.

I won’t regret dragging my husband down with me though. Not only did he save my day by being such great company but he also graciously acted as my sketching model again. It’s hand drawing day and nearly as soon as we had settled on the train in to the city my husband offered to pose his hand for me. I picked a good one there. Of course I think he may have had an ulterior motive. He knew we’d be out late and wanted to make sure I’d get my sketch done so that we could both go to bed when we got home. Still, he’s a keeper. He even managed not to move his hand on me this time! It made the sketching much easier, though I still ended up going off the page a bit.

Elsa Doodles


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