Day 339: Rockets and Princesses

Rocket to the MoonIt turns out that weekends aren’t so much a thing that happens when you’re in the middle of a move.  Who would have thought, eh?  Today’s big accomplishment was getting the internet set up at my new place.  Now that there’s a bed and internet access it’s actually properly livable!  Huge progress there.  Now we just need to get the kitchen set up properly and unpack all our junk.  *sigh*  Too bad I already had a busy day planned for tomorrow.

Anyway, between moving and working and job searching and trying to find some time to do Christmas shopping I kind of feel like my art is falling to the wayside a bit again.  I’m trying to stay excited about it though because I don’t want it to feel like a chore.  Today I wanted to draw a rocket.  Rockets are pretty fun and I need some fun.  I also drew Elsa at the request of a friend.  Yet another Disney sketch for a coworker.  The princesses are harder to draw than the animals though.  I’m not quite sure why that is.



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