Day 338: A Heartbreaker

HeartbreakerI’ve got a new portrait for this week’s #OnceFanArtFriday.  Actually I’m not sure if that’s even happening this week.  I’m pretty sure it didn’t actually happen last week.  Still, the mid-season finale is coming up this weekend so it’s the last proper hype for the show before the three month hiatus.  Besides, I’ve worked this whole Friday Fan Art thing into my routine now.

Anyway, I put a bit more effort into this week’s fan art portrait than I did last week’s.  I was somewhat inspired by the most recent episode.  That’s not necessarily a good thing but sometimes the things that upset us can be even more inspiring than the things we’re happy with.  This was one of those cases.  So here’s another wicked hero from the Once Upon a Time fairy tale cast.

My doodle for the day on the other hand was another Christmasy themed one.  It sprung from a conversation between me and one of my friends at work.  Somehow it ended up turning into a hitchhiking snowman with a monocle and a candy cane.  These things happen.

Hitchhiking Snowman


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