Day 336: Some More Christmas Doodles

Oh TannenbaumToday was a pretty dreary day I’m afraid and I am still completely exhausted.  I did actually manage to get a decent night’s sleep last night (for a change) but it wasn’t enough to catch up on my deficit and with all of the heavy lifting I did yesterday I’m still pretty worn out and aching all over.  I don’t know whether to consider it lucky or unfortunate that the weather here was so bad today.  In a way I suppose I should be grateful since it prevented me from doing any more moving today so I got a break from the heavy lifting.  On the other hand I don’t think the bad weather helped my aches any and I would like to actually get moved in to the new place so it was a bit disappointing not to be able to make progress on that front.

Either way I figured my best bet was to try to get another reasonable night’s sleep tonight.  Hopefully that way I’ll have some more energy for work and the move tomorrow.  So for today I just stuck to some very basic sketches again.  Since it’s December now I’m sticking to a bit of a Christmasy theme.  I’ll have to do another proper sketch soon though.  Experimentation and drawing from the imagination is fun but I’m kind of starting to miss really spending time on a sketch and trying to capture something.  I still do occasional life drawing doodles at work but it’s not quite the same.

Reindeer Game


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