Day 332: Things That Start With A

A Charcoal AppleWell it seems that my body has once again decided to give up on me and take matters into its own hands.  I can’t say that I blame it really.  Clearly I can’t be trusted to do what’s in its best interest.  If anything I appreciate its attempts to make me see reason.  I’m glad it’s doing what it can to look out for me … or at least try to force me to look out for myself.  It doesn’t exactly make for the most productive weekend but I am at least grateful that it waited until the weekend to take me out of commission.  Very considerate.  After everything I’ve put it through, that’s certainly more than I deserve.

My solution to this problem?  Apples.  Well apples and rest but I didn’t exactly have a choice in the rest part.  Actually the apples weren’t exactly a stroke of inspiration either.  I was reading a book and someone gave someone an apple and suddenly that just sounded like the most amazing thing in the world to me.  I suppose that may have been another order from my body.  It seems to be feeling very communicative right now.  Anyway, in my utter exhaustion today I really just wanted something simple to draw so I chose to draw an apple.  Then I ate it.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll have energy again.



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