Day 330: Of Mice and Mannequins

Jaq & GusI have more Disney characters today.  It seems to be becoming a thing.  My coworkers like to get me to draw Disney characters for them and they’ve started sticking them up at work instead of taking them home.  Today they requested the mice from Cinderella.  I’m actually quite fond of Cinderella though I’m not overly attached to the Disney version.  There are other versions that I much prefer.  The mice are pretty cute though and they were fun to do.

I couldn’t just draw silly cartoon mice today though.  It’s Figure Drawing Thursday and that means I had to squeeze in a mannequin sketch at least.  After all, I’m still trying to win Mr. Mannequin’s trust back after abandoning him so thoroughly back in October.  Our relationship is still a bit rocky but we’re getting there.  I also did some more silly stick people doodles.  It’s the easiest figure drawing related thing I can think of to do.

A Mannequin FightsStick Man Antics


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