Day 329 continued

A Strange Self-PortraitAlright, now that I’ve slept at least a little bit I’ll submit my other sketches.  This whole plan sort of backfired on me anyway.  I did get my sketches done before going to bed though and I didn’t try to post them until after I slept.  So that part at least did work out.

Since I still need to practice my self-portrait and the 25th was #SelfieArt Day I tried to get one of those in.  It doesn’t really look a lot like me but some of my features are there.  It sort of hard to pinpoint exactly where the key features are that make it look not like me.  The shape of the face maybe?  Something around the cheeks?  The proportions?  I tried to copy it all but somehow it just ended up looking like a completely different person.  It’s strange how that works.

My doodles I wasn’t happy with at all.  My friend asked me to draw a hibiscus though so I took a couple shots at that.  It’s an interesting flower and it seems I may need some more different types of flowers in my repertoire.

Studies in Hibiscus


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