Day 329: A Disney Baboon

RafikiAlright so in the interest of full disclosure I haven’t actually done sketches in either of my actual sketchbooks yet today.  I received another request for a Disney character from a coworker today so I did that instead.  Actually I’ve already drawn Rafiki for a different coworker once before.  It’s my first repeat.  Apparently he’s popular.  I did choose a different pose this time though.

Anyway, I will probably do my other sketches, but I’m getting the post out of the way first this time.  I’m afraid that my husband may kill me if I don’t get to bed at a reasonable time today.  He’s starting to lose patience with me.  So in the interest of maintaining marital felicity I’m just going to post a picture of Rafiki for today and anything else I manage to get done tonight before I get kidnapped and forcibly dragged to bed will be posted tomorrow.


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