Day 327: A Sad Family Portrait

Matt Golinski FamilyToday’s major sketch is in ink rather than the usual charcoal.  I would have tried doing something in charcoal instead but I didn’t have any available when I started the sketch so I did it with my newly refilled brush pen instead.  I think I’m a little out of practice doing portraits in ink.

This portrait is a little bit sad.  It’s of a family who died in a fire a few years ago.  The surviving husband/father will be speaking at my work tomorrow and I was thinking about his family and what happened to them so I drew this.  I have been told by my co-workers that it would be a bad idea to give this sketch to him since it’s an understandably touchy subject.  I’m a pretty bad judge of these kinds of things.  The rules of human social interactions are not a strong suit of mine.  Either way, I’m glad I drew the portrait though.  If nothing else it was still an interesting exercise.

I did still do a couple of silly doodles as well to go in my sketchbooks.  Got to keep marking each day.  They’re nothing too exciting really.  I’ve been quite interested in eyes lately as well as faces in general.  I’m experimenting with some different emotions and facial expressions.

Sadness, Confusion and DisgustA Giant Charcoal Eye


10 thoughts on “Day 327: A Sad Family Portrait

  1. I like how you got the proportions and layers of all the family member correct. I have a lot of trouble with that and I should try to work on it again. It is indeed a sad story.
    That eye is also wonderful. (K)

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