Day 326: A Scribbly Fist

A Scribbly FistThe year’s almost up now, less than forty days left to go, and so far it’s been a bare all sort of affair.  Perhaps it would be wise to let some of my mistakes slide without commenting on them.  I could pretend that certain things I do are intentional.  I could just post one sketch a day and not showcase all of my wretched doodles.  These would perhaps be the smart decisions to make.  So far though, I’ve been choosing the route of pure brutal honesty so I figure I may as well continue in the same way.

Today was a day of mistakes and poor drawings.  I did get in a charcoal hand sketch.  Sadly I didn’t realize until afterwards that I had drawn it in the wrong sketchbook.  So much for the purity of my designated ink sketchbook and my designated charcoal sketchbook.  It also came out rather scribbly.  I don’t have much of an excuse for that.  Nor do I have much of an excuse for the rather disastrous doodles ink doodles I did on the next page to try to reclaim the sketchbook in the name of my brush pen.  I tried to get some hands in there … quite badly … but I’m not sure where the eyes came from.  Maybe I can get an early night tonight and be a little but more sane tomorrow.

Eyes and HandsA Referenceless Scully


10 thoughts on “Day 326: A Scribbly Fist

  1. Kudos to you for getting close to your 1 year goal! Great charcoal hand and I really like the hand with the eye in the center. Reminds me of the monster Hera used to guard stuff for her (brain hasn’t kicked in yet and I can’t remember his name). 🙂

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      1. I just asked my older son who is a walking encyclopedia (LOL!) and he says the monster’s name is Argus. He has eyes all over his body, including his hands, of course. 🙂 When he was killed, Hera honored him by turning him into a peacock.

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