Day 325: Another Attempted Self Portrait

Self Portrait StudyI know it’s not quite the 25th yet but today’s sketch is another attempt at a self portrait.  It still doesn’t really look like me but I think I may be getting slightly closer.  I’m not quite sure.  Anyway, this is actually another study for the portrait I’m working on.  I suppose that means I’ll be doing a few self portraits over the next little while.  Maybe I’ll finally be able to get it right.  So far I’ve mostly tried to avoid drawing myself but this was part of a request so I suppose it’s time to start practicing.

My doodles for the day are quite disjointed.  Saturday seems to be my designated relaxing day.  I hardly ever get anything much done on a Saturday.  So over the course of the day I just filled a page in my sketchbook with whatever random things happened to come to mind.  For the most part that involved faces.  I feel like I’ve been making some progress with my understanding of facial structure but there’s always more to learn.  I was also just enjoying having my brush pen back.  I ran out of ink a while back and was finally able to get more.

Random Doodles


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