Day 324: Fan Art, Life Drawing and Fantastical Doodles

A Curious SnowglobeBack to my favourite character again for this week’s #OnceFanArtFriday.  Rumplestiltskin will forever be featuring in my sketches.  Maybe some day I’ll even do a drawing of him that I’m actually happy with.

This one is from a scene in one of the most recent episodes where he was very studiously examining a snow globe.  It hasn’t been explained at all what he was doing with and for some reason it peaked my curiosity.  I suppose it just seems like a really strange thing to capture his attention.  Sadly I didn’t have much of an idea of how to actually do a snow globe with charcoal so it looks a little strange.  I also couldn’t get the hand to look at all right on this one.

I actually did quite a lot of doodling today as well.  My co-worker and I had another sketch off on our lunch break and I also got another Disney character request from one of my other co-workers.

Mushu Makes a Fuss

So I drew Mushu from Mulan for one of my co-workers and coaxed the other one into attempting a life drawing.  She claims that she can’t draw anything from life so I was trying to encourage her to practice a bit.  I suggested a whole slew of random objects that where lying around and she rejected pretty much all of them before finally agreeing to attempt a glass of water.

A Simple Glass of Water

Then, unimpressed with the results, she retreated back into some more fantastical doodles.  She really does have an amazing imagination.  I love watching her draw even though she’s very down on herself about it.  She excels at the kind of drawing from imagination that I only just decided to start practicing again because I realized just how out of touch I am with it.  It’s very inspiring.  When I asked her for a suggestion of something to draw she told me to draw something a little more fantastical.  That’s certainly a good suggestion for me.  I don’t do nearly enough of that and it really is fun.

A Fluffy SantaA Partial FaceA Serpent Dragon Takes FlightA Pheonix Rising from the FlamesAn Overgrown Face



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