323: Some Practice with Walking

A Walking MannequinAnother Figure Drawing Thursday has come and I seem to be getting a bit better at remembering those again now.  The process of getting reacquainted with Mr. Mannequin is a bit trickier but we’re working on it.  I seem to be really off on my proportions for these mannequin sketches lately.  Perhaps that’s the result of a few weeks of not getting much figure drawing practice.  In theory it shouldn’t really be any different from drawing anything else.  Somehow though, it just seems so much harder.

Since I need all the figure drawing practice I can get I did another load of stick men as well.  These are sort of wire frame stick men with bubble joints.  The were pretty fun to do although my proportions are quite ridiculous on those too.  I tried to practice the walk cycle a bit at the bottom as well.  It has been so long since I did anything with that.  It’s gotten all jumbled in my head so I probably need a refresher.

Some Wire Frame Men


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