Day 322: A Portrait and a Dragon

IMG_2647It’s been a while since I last attempted a proper painting or portrait.  With Christmas coming up the time has come to give it another shot.  That and I’ve actually received a request this time.  I haven’t entirely decided yet whether I’m going to go for an actual painting or just a nicer, more polished, charcoal portrait.  Time permitting I may try both and see which one I like better.  Chances are though that I won’t get to that.

Either way, the first step for my actual planned portraits is always to do some rough studies.  It helps me get a better idea of my subjects.  So today’s portrait is the first of those.  It doesn’t look much like the subject at all so I clearly have a ways to go yet on this.  I’ll have to do a few more of these studies before I can start on an actual portrait.

I didn’t do so much doodling today.  Rather, I did do quite a bit of doodling but it was all on scraps of paper as I was out canvasing for work.  I did do one and a half ink sketches in my sketchbook though.  They both had reference pictures which were chosen by one of my friends from work on our lunch break.  I gave up on the Medusa one halfway through because I didn’t feel like drawing the rest of the snakes.  I may yet finish it some day but at the time I didn’t actually even have a good surface or seat for drawing and I wanted to actually eat my lunch before the break was over.  So one and a half sketches it is.




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