Day 321: Raccoons and Doodles

A Lazy RaccoonI have a couple more sketches than usual today.  A friend asked me to do some for her.  Well, she asked me to draw her a raccoon.  She said that the Rafiki sketch I did for her was looking lonely.  So I asked her if she wanted a cartoon raccoon to match Rafiki or a drawing of a real raccoon.  She couldn’t make up her mind so I drew both.  Honestly I’m not sure I could make up my mind either.  I did run out of ink in one of my markers halfway through the cartoon one though.

Meeko the Raccoon Companion

Of course lately I have been doing two sketches a day anyway so really that shouldn’t have been a problem at all.  Unfortunately my own personal neuroses decided to kick in.  Since I was doing both of the raccoon sketches for my friend it wouldn’t leave me with anything in my sketchbooks for the day.  So I decided that situation had to be remedied by doing a couple of silly doodles in each of my sketchbooks.  I’m sure I’ll regret that decision in the morning given how little sleep I’ll be getting as a result.

Foxglove InvasionSome Canadian Things


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