Day 320: Some More Faces and a Cup of Tea

A Shady Pirate and his VictimsAdmittedly I spent a little bit more time on my pen sketches than my charcoal sketch today.  That’s not exactly against any rules except some half-formed notions in my own head.  I had it in mind that my charcoal sketchbook was supposed to be the “good” sketchbook and my ink sketchbook was the junky doodle sketchbook.  That’s okay though.  I won’t let that stop me from filling the charcoal sketchbook with junk if that’s what I feel like drawing.  After all, having a “good” sketchbook at all kind of goes against my whole purpose in starting this challenge (and in just buying the cheapest sketchbooks I can find).  Anyway, some things I still just like better in ink than I do in charcoal.

I didn’t exactly feel like doing a proper portrait today.  That I would have done in charcoal.  Instead I decided that I wanted to explore a few different faces at once, focusing a bit on light and shadow again.  I wanted to go into enough detail to try to achieve some likeness and capture some sense of the lighting but still stay somewhat rough and not get too bogged down in any one sketch.  My focus was definitely the shadows and I think ink works really well for that.

For my charcoal sketch I just did a really quick life drawing of the nearest available mildly interesting object.  It happened to be my teacup.  As far as teacups go it wasn’t even a very interesting one.  It has been quite a long time since I just drew random objects though so it was still an interesting experience.  To be honest I think I’m a bit out of practice.  Maybe I should try to work that into my routine a bit more often.

A Fuzzy Teacup


6 thoughts on “Day 320: Some More Faces and a Cup of Tea

  1. I personally don’t like drawing inanimate objects myself but I admire the ones that others do because, especially with symmetrical objects, it’s never as easy as it seems it should be. 🙂 Nice faces! Funny that you think your ink sketchbook is the junky one because you do great inks.

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