Day 319: A Fuzzy Palm

A Fuzzy PalmI really hate drawing palms.  The back of my hand I can handle, the inside not so much.  I suppose I need to practice the things I’m terrible at if I ever want to get any better though.  Perspective and foreshortening are definitely things I still struggle with.  One of these days I’ll be able to wrap my head around them.  I need to learn to think in three dimensions and then figure out how to translate that into two dimensions.  Maybe I should spend some time stringing together 3D shapes again.  That was always fun.

My doodle isn’t terribly exciting today either I’m afraid.  It was actually something my husband suggested earlier today that I wanted to take a preliminary shot at.

A Bear Attack


6 thoughts on “Day 319: A Fuzzy Palm

    1. Thanks. Hand drawings seem to be about the only thing I never forget to do. Definitely a good thing to practice. I’ve been drawing them at least once a week for almost 11 months now and I still feel like I have a lot to learn about them.


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