Day 318: A Doodlefest

Underwater DoodlefestToday is just a drawing from the imagination, also known as random aimless doodling, day.  No reference pictures for me.  To be honest, I just didn’t really have the energy to make a proper attempt at drawing anything.  I have just been feeling exhausted absolutely all day and it ended up being a longer and more stressful day than I had expected.  So instead of trying to draw anything remotely accurately I decided to just have some fun doodling.

The funny thing is that I actually had absolutely not idea what I wanted to draw but somehow things just managed to come out anyway.  Maybe being utterly exhausted actually helped to unlock my imagination.  Perhaps my conscious mind was partially shut down and that made it easier for my subconscious to take over.  I don’t know.  What I do know is that it seemed to flow a lot more freely than I’m used to.  It was also a really relaxing experience.  It turns out a bit of doodling at the end of a rough day can actually be really calming.

Floral Doodlefest


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