Day 317: A Charming Secret

A Charming SecretIt’s #OnceFanArtFriday again.  I had trouble deciding what to draw for it this week.  I had a couple of different ideas but I couldn’t find good reference shots for them and I wasn’t feeling up to losing the training wheels on this one yet.  In the end it was my husband who suggested that I draw Snow White.  It’s kind of strange that with all of the Once Upon a Time fan art I’ve drawn since falling in love with the show I had yet to draw either Snow White or the Evil Queen.  After all, that’s where it all starts. 

I suppose I’ll get around to the Evil Queen at some point but here are Snow White and Prince Charming anyway.  They are being awfully secretive about something or other.  This one was a bit strange because in the line drawing stage Charming looked fairly good and Snow wasn’t recognizable at all but then with the shading I managed to get Snow a bit closer but Charming ended up looking like a completely different person.  I’m not really entirely sure how that happened.  Of course neither of them really looks anything like themselves but it wad still interesting to see them switch places.

All of my doodles for today were done at work but they actually made it into my sketchbook this time.  One of my co-workers pulled out her sketchbook on her lunch break.  I didn’t actually have any lunch available today so it seemed like a good idea to pull out my own sketchbook and challenge her to a sketch off.  I wasn’t actually trying to compete with her, more like steal/swap ideas.  It was nice having someone else drawing as well.  She was drawing lots of flowers and butterflies so I tried drawing some of those too.  I wasn’t copying anything she was doing, nor was she copying anything I was doing.  Sometimes I would look over and see something she did though and it would trigger me to think of something completely different.  My last doodle for example was simply brought on by the way she drew the body of her last butterfly.

A Raised Brow A Squiggly Butterfly Butterfly Lunch A Cross Butterfly


4 thoughts on “Day 317: A Charming Secret

  1. Sketching with your co-worker sounds like fun. I need to get together with one of my girlfriends and do that one day. 🙂 We often talk so much that we don’t remember to do anything else though.

    Your Snow White and Prince do look like they have some big secret they’re hiding! 😀 Very nice shading.

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