Day 316: Mr. Mannequin’s Grand Return

Mr. Mannequin's Grand ReturnMr. Mannequin is back at last!  Hopefully he’s here to stay this time.  It’s looks like the spotlight might be a bit too bright for him now that he’s been away from it for so long but I’m sure he’ll adjust.  If he can come back from the dead then I’m sure e can do anything!  As for me, I will try my hardest not to forget about him again.  Poor neglected Mr. Mannequin.  In my defense, last week I didn’t exactly forget about him.

Here’s what happened.  I mentally planned out what I was going to draw a couple days in advance and I made sure to keep in mind that on Thursday I would be drawing Mr. Mannequin and on Friday I would be drawing Once fan art.  It was all perfectly plotted out and never left my mind for a second.  What did slip my mind however was which day of the week it actually was.  I’m sure that during my days at work I was perfectly aware what day it was.  When I was sitting down to sketch however I somehow completely convinced myself that Wednesday was actually Tuesday and Thursday was Wednesday.  So on Thursday I happily drew a portrait of Stefan Dion thinking that the next day would be my figure drawing day.  Only the next day I suddenly realized that it was Friday.  Friday evenings are somehow much easier to keep track of.  That may have something to do with the knowledge that there’s no work to get up for in the morning.  So I didn’t forget about Mr. Mannequin … I just lost track of the days of the week somehow.  I’m going to try to keep better track of them now though.  I wouldn’t want to let him down like that again.

In keeping with the Figure Drawing Day theme I decided to do some silly stick people doodles as well.  I haven’t done those in quite a while and I’ve kind of missed them.  Today’s doodles are almost as silly as yesterday’s doodles but they were pretty fun to do.  I’m a bit out of practice with figures now so I need all the practice I can get.  To that end I tried to experiment with a couple of different things.

SpongeBob Adventure Pants


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