Day 315: The Top of a Horse’s Head

Top of a Horse's HeadI give you … drum roll please … the top of a horse’s head.

… Yeah, uh … I wasn’t really on my game today.  That whole sleep deprivation thing is starting to catch up with me again. 

I was going to practice drawing a horse’s head.  I think I can get the rest of a horse’s body down mostly alright but I have a lot of trouble remembering the structure of their heads.  Whenever I try to draw a horse without a reference photo I have trouble remembering what the head looks like.  So I figured that was the part I really needed to work on.  Though honestly I think the same is probably true for most animals.

Anyway, clearly that didn’t go quite as planned.  Maybe next time I should just aim to draw a full horse and that way I’ll end up with the whole head and not much else.  In this case the problem was that I started with the ears and I drew them too big.  Then obviously I had to follow suit with the rest of the head or I would have ended up with a donkey.  Clearly I’m still struggling with how to translate proportions.  Further practice required.  Not tonight though.

My doodles I’m afraid are equally bad and nonsensical today.  I’m bound to have the occasional off day when I draw every single day for an entire year.  This is it.  I’m having an off day.  I’ll try to do better tomorrow.

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