Day 314: More Monkey Business

A Smirking GorillaI am officially all about the random Something To Draw photos again.  It’s funny how easy it is to fall back into the old routine.  That website is just such a great source of both ideas and reference photos though.  I did have at least some idea of what I wanted to draw today though.  I wanted to draw an animal.  Luckily there’s a filter for that.  It’s very convenient.  I believe I actually ended up choosing the first animal photo that got generated.  Usually I have to go through a couple before I find one that I like but today I got lucky.  This gorilla was just asking to be a charcoal sketch.  The reference photo that I used was submitted by Divci Kamen.  There’s some lovely artwork on her flickr page too.

Most of the random doodles I did for today were done at work and I did not take photos of any of them, nor did I save them.  Some of my coworkers just started a doodle page on break and I contributed a few silly doodles.  I’m not sure what happened to the page afterwards.  It is really nice to be just drawing for fun again though.  If there’s one thing I want to take away from this whole experience it’s the confidence to just draw, even if the results are quite bad.  I mean I definitely would love to learn to actually draw well and that’s part of what I’m working on.  Somehow though, knowing that I can draw relatively well when I take the proper time and use references seems to give me more confidence to draw badly.  It’s a strange bit of logic but somehow just being able to draw badly without feeling like that’s the best I can possibly do sometimes means more to me than actually being able to produce something worth looking at does.  I’m not sure if that makes any sense or not.

I suppose the takeaway there is that I’m glad that I’ve been doodling more lately and I intend to keep going with it.  To prove that point, I did a couple more ink doodles while I was waiting for my husband.  The flower is a bit like the silly doodles that I was doing at work, though I also drew a lot of silly faces at work.  The other one was just messing around and seeing where the pen world take me.  It’s nice to do a completely unstructured doodle for a change.  I should do more of those.

Flower Sex Under The Sea


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