Day 313: A Dr. Sketchy’s Picspam, A Random Kid Drawing and a Belated Bird Sketch

Gangster GooseSo I almost totally forgot about Draw a Bird Day yesterday.  By the time I remembered I had already submitted my blog post for the day and it was really late and I was really tired.  So I just did this very quick 30 second doodle of a completely random bird and then closed my sketchbook and went to sleep.  I didn’t post it yesterday and it was technically after midnight when I drew it … but I promise I did actually draw it before going to bed.  Trust me, if I had waited until today to draw it it probably would have turned out much better.  I’ll leave it to Laura to decide whether that counts or not.

For today I just picked another random photo from Something To Draw.  I’m sliding back into my old routine awfully quickly.  I suppose that’s a good thing though.  Hopefully I’ll actually be able to keep track of the days of the week this week so that I can remember Figure Drawing Thursday.  I owe my Mr. Mannequin about a thousand apologies at this point.  Anyway, today’s random photo was submitted by Monsieur Lazaro.  I picked it for the funky perspective.  I’m not sure I quite nailed it but I’m not entirely unhappy with the results.  It was a very cute photo.

Giving the Thumbs UpLast but not least (at least as far as quantity is concerned), I finally took all of the pictures of my Dr. Sketchy’s drawings from last night.  Most of them are completely terrible but that’s pretty much the nature of speed drawing from models, at least for me.  It was my first time attempting timed drawing with charcoal so that was a bit of a new experience.  The charcoal wasn’t being entirely cooperative but it was definitely a worthwhile endeavor.

Book on Head Sketch   30 second poses2 minute pose3 minute pose5 minute pose7 minute pose10 minute pose Circles onlyLeft Handed Sketch      10 minute pose3 minute portrait


18 thoughts on “Day 313: A Dr. Sketchy’s Picspam, A Random Kid Drawing and a Belated Bird Sketch

  1. First, love your bird! It looks like it’s strutting and a bit irritated with sketching paparazzi that always show up. Fun perspective on the little kid… nicely down. And the Dr. Sketchy’s sketches are sooo cool! I have one right down the street, but have STILL yet to actually go. Looks like so much fun!

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    1. Lol, I like your take on the bird. He is definitely strutting. I think he’s a bid of a bad ass.

      Dr. Sketchy’s is definitely a lot of fun. It’s a great challenge. I recommend checking it out. I hardly ever draw from actual live models so it’s great to get a chance to practice it once a month and the timed poses keep things interesting.

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    1. Thanks 🙂 Extreme perspectives are definitely fun to work with. It’s interesting to see how far you can push these things.

      I thought of the bird more as a strutting goose than a dancing duck but I wasn’t really going off of anything when I drew it. I just made it up as I went.

      Dr. Sketchy’s sessions are a blast. So much drawing in such a small amount of time. There’s a lot of room for learning there.

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  2. Great drawings! I am also a fan of the duck – something about the way he’s walking & looks irritated, as Charlie said, ha ha! I think the kid is definitely a successful drawing. And yeah, Dr. Sketchy sounds like fun – I don’t think I have any that are super close to me, but… maybe I’ll take a drive someday to one in my area.

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    1. Yeah, I have to take the train into the city to get to the closest Dr. Sketchy’s but it’s worth it for me. It’s also a great excuse to spend a day in the city at least once a month.

      I’m not entirely sure why I made the bird look irritated. It just sort of happened. I think he had a mind of his own. Maybe he really was annoyed that I interrupted his strut to sketch him.


    1. Lol, I can just picture it now. I may have to revisit Gangster Goose at some point and give him a top hat and cane. He would really rock that look.

      The models this month were great. They were gymnasts I think so they had some really great poses.

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