Day 312: A Strange Rough Hand

A Strange Rough HandWhat’s this? *Gasp* Is that a right hand? Wow, what a novelty. That’s right, today, for only the second time ever (at least as far as I can remember) my weekly hand sketch is not actually of my own hand. I’m on the train headed into the city for my monthly Dr. Sketchy’s Anti Art School life drawing session. Drawing in charcoal on a shaky train with my sketchbook precariously balanced on my knee while I posed the other hand would have been a little too much for me to handle I think.

Luckily my husband decided to accompany me on this particular journey so I was able to convince him to act as my hand model. Unfortunately he’s not quite as practiced at hand modelling as I am and as I mentioned this is a very shaky train. I looked up at one point to find that his hand had moved completely. I was able to get a decent amount of the sketch done before that point though so I tried to finish it as best I could. It may not be perfect but at least I still got my Sunday Hand Sketch in. The trend continues uninterrupted.

I was going to post my Dr. Sketchy’s drawings tonight too but my phone died halfway through trying to take pictures of them and then it got late.Β  Taking pictures of the rest of them and getting them to my computer and editing them and posting them all would just take too long at this point.Β  I’d rather sleep so I’ll post them tomorrow.


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