Day 311: A Random Adorable Baby

A Cute BabyfaceAfter almost a month of using it now, I think charcoal is finally beginning to grow on my as a medium.  I still feel absolutely no confidence with it whatsoever and I find it nearly impossible to control.  Still, I’m beginning to see its merits at least from an objective standpoint.  I really do like the effects you can achieve with it.  If I ever actually do figure out how to control it I think it stands a pretty good chance of becoming another one of my favourite mediums.  I do like dedicating a whole sketchbook to one medium.  It seems to be a good way of forcing myself to spend enough time with each medium to gain a proper appreciation for it.  I think charcoal has been the most difficult so far but I’m hopeful that I’ll improve with it over time.

I only have the one sketch for you today.  It was an oddly busy day and I didn’t end up doing any doodles.  By the time I got around to drawing at all it was incredibly late and it seemed like a better idea to go straight into my charcoal sketch, especially since I already had a subject picked out.  The subject for today’s sketch was actually entirely accidental.  I just so happened to open up a Something To Draw tab earlier in the day and saw this adorable baby photo, submitted by Wazari Wazir staring back at me. I couldn’t possibly resist drawing that.  He was just so perfect looking and it’s been a while since I tried drawing a baby.  My version turned out a little bit creepier and less adorable than the original but I still kind of like it.


16 thoughts on “Day 311: A Random Adorable Baby

  1. I think you’re really handling charcoal very well from what you post for us. 🙂 I find adults much easier to draw than babies, honestly, and even though I want to illustrate kids books, I’m intimidated by the thought of ever having to tackle drawing a baby, so kudos to you for doing it!

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    1. Thank you, Teresa :). I appreciate the encouragement. Maybe I just need to get used to the lack of control with charcoal and adjust to a new way of drawing. It’s definitely a completely different experience from ink.

      Babies are definitely more difficult to draw than adults I find. The facial proportions are completely different so there are a lot of adjustments to be made. I read a book describing the specific differences in proportions months ago and as I was drawing this little guy I was remembering bits and pieces of it as I noted the structures in his face. It’s been ages since I tried to draw a baby but I like taking a shot at it once in a while. Faces of all ages are pretty fascinating to me though.

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      1. I’ve been using charcoal sticks … sort of like chalk except … you know … charcoal. Probably that’s why I find it so hard to control. I tried out some charcoal pencils in the art store today and those were much easier to control. Sadly I am very poor and I already have the sticks so I can’t really justify buying myself the pencils. Maybe someday …

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      2. I’m not sure about that. Sometimes my lines end up about half an inch from where I wanted them to be. I’m just sort of learning to try and work around it. I think it is getting better with practice though.

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  2. I haven’t used charcoal in a long time, but I remember my hands always being totally black. I think you’re doing a great job, and it is a good idea to concentrate on one thing for awhile to figure it out. And this does look like a baby! (K)

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    1. Yay! Success! It looks like a baby! Lol, thanks :).

      My hands are usually pretty black by the time I finish too. I end up having to wash them after I finish my sketch before I’m willing to touch my computer to type up my post. It’s all part of the experience I suppose. It makes me feel like a proper artist. Art is messy after all.

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