Day 310: A Wizard, Some Princesses and a Bratty Monster

Merlin the Great and PowerfulApparently Friday is #OnceFanArtFriday.  This time the arbitrarily assigned weekly themed drawing day is not of my own invention.  I figure I draw so much Once Upon a Time fan art anyway though (so far at fairly random intervals) that I may as well participate.  I did have an idea for a more complicated drawing to do but I didn’t get enough sleep last night and I was just too tired to manage it.  So instead I settled for another simple portrait.  That’s pretty much the default for me.  For today’s portrait I chose Merlin.  He’s a new character on Once Upon a Time but I quite like him so far.  I’m not quite sure whether he can be trusted but I am fairly certain that I’ll still like him even if he does turn out to be a villain.

I’ve always liked Merlin anyway.  I decided to show my husband the 1998 mini-series with Sam Neill that I saw as a child.  That was pretty much what spawned my love of Merlin, though I’m sure I liked him on general principle before that.  Wizards are pretty cool after all.  Maybe I’ll draw Sam Neill’s Merlin one of these days too.

I ended up having a bit more of an artistic day today than I anticipated.  Long before my usual designated drawing time I had already completed a few different sketches.  Shortly after I arrived at work today one of my co-workers asked me if I could draw princesses.  I shrugged and asked what kind of princesses.  That was probably a silly question.  She was obviously referring to Disney Princesses.  You never know though.  Anyway, it was something I hadn’t really tried yet so it piqued my interest.  Apparently her daughter’s birthday is coming up so she wanted me to draw a Disney princess for her.  She didn’t specify which one and she also mentioned that her daughter really liked something called “Monster High” which I had to google because I had no idea what it was.

After some consultations with various co-workers I decided to draw Jasmine from Aladdin and someone called Clawdeen Wolf from this Monster High (which appears to be more of a toy line than a show).  The tricky thing about drawing at work is that all I had for looking at reference pictures was my phone.  That’s not exactly ideal since it has such a small screen and I have to touch it every minute or so to keep the screen from going black.  It was still fun to try though.  I don’t have very much practice trying to copy different cartoon styles.  It’s quite different from drawing subjects from photos.  I definitely still need to work on my line confidence though.

Jasmine Clawdeen Wolf

In the end I decided to draw Belle too.  I think my logic was that she might go better with this Clawdeen Wolf character.  I’m not sure how sound that was though.  I wasn’t very happy with how that one turned out.  The proportions got screwed up and I was struggling to fit in on the page.  That very much seems to be a recurring problem for me.  I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever be able to eyeball these things or if I just need to plot things out a bit better before starting.



6 thoughts on “Day 310: A Wizard, Some Princesses and a Bratty Monster

  1. Oh, those are good! It’s not easy to do that Disney look…part manga, part western-pretty. The Merlin character sounds neat (I only know Merlin from a pure King Arthur perspective, and some DC comics re-imaginings). What fun to have a Once Fan Art Day. I think there needs to be a Great British Baking Show fan art day because that’s the one I’d do. 🙂

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    1. Thanks 🙂 I’m not sure I quite got the Disney look down here but it was fun to try. I’ll have to try again sometime.

      Once Fan Art Friday was definitely fun. It was neat to see what everyone else did.

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