Day 309: Of Jellyfish and Politicians

Stephane Dion - Minister of Foreign AffairsToday I got all excited about Canadian politics again.  Justin Trudeau has now officially taken over as Prime Minister and the new cabinet has been sworn in.  I know that probably doesn’t mean much to most of you but the cabinet looks pretty good.  For once there are actually an equal number of male and female ministers which is great.  The real source of my excitement for today though is this guy here, Stephane Dion.  He is Canada’s new Minister of Foreign Affairs and I’m happy to see him taking on an important role in the new government.  There are very few politicians out there whom I actually have respect for and Stephane Dion is one of them.

Sadly this is not a very good sketch of him.  I was off on some of the facial proportions.  It’s one of those cases where if the foundation is shaky then there’s not much you can do to fix it without scrapping the whole thing and starting over.  It’s far too late in the evening for that.  I think it’s sort of recognizable if you already know who he is though so I’ll settle for that for today.

I was originally planning to draw a jellyfish today.  I’ve been wanting to practice jellyfish for a while now but I hadn’t ever really gotten around to it.  In the end I decided to draw Stephane Dion for my actual sketch instead because that was more in line with the theme of my afternoon.  So I did a few jellyfish doodles to make up for my sudden change of heart.  Of course I didn’t use any references for these and I don’t have a very clear concept of what a jellyfish actually looks like.  I’ll just have to try drawing an actual jellyfish some other time.

One Jellyfish More Jellyfish


8 thoughts on “Day 309: Of Jellyfish and Politicians

  1. Even though I’m an expat, I’m excited for Canada, too! I was a fan of his father, Pierre (I have his autograph), and I hope the country will do as well under Justin!

    Nice way to celebrate by doing a portrait of Dion! And your jellyfish are very cute, too!

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  2. Nice to be optimistic about politics for a change! Not too much chance of that here in the USA these days! I don’t know what Mr. Dion looks like, but the man in your drawing has a kind face. (K)


    1. Thanks! It’s definitely a very nice change to have something in politics to feel optimistic about. Stephane Dion is a pretty cheerful and kind seeming person. He had a fairly stern expression in the photo I used though so I may not have gotten that across too well.

      I can’t say I’m feeling terribly optimistic about US politics either. You have some very scary people running for the nomination right now.

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