Day 308: A Sad Old Wolf

A Sad Old WolfLast time it was a sad old dog and this time it’s a sad old wolf.  I don’t know what it is with me and canines.  I seem to have a tendency of aging them and making them look sad.  I’m not sure why.  This wolf was based on a photo from Something To Draw submitted by guenterleitenbauer.  The wolf from the photo looked fairly spry and not particularly sad.  Something just seems to have gotten shifted in the process.  Maybe I have some deep seated subconscious conceptions about dogs … or maybe I just need to work on canine anatomy a bit more.

I also got some more silly doodles in.  I like drawing these cartoon faces.  It’s quite fun.  This time I was experimenting with different shapes for faces.  I’m not so sure what I was doing with the animals though.  Just messing around I suppose.  It’s still nice to just have fun with drawing without worrying about the results.

Silly Cartoon Face Shapes Random Pet Doodles


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