Day 307: Just Some Random Doodles

The Cigarette Smoking ManToday I had absolutely no prompts whatsoever.  Total freedom.  Of course after over a month of daily prompts that kind of sudden freedom left me feeling a tad directionless.  I had almost forgotten about the difficulties of trying to think up new things to draw every day.  I’m afraid I wasn’t really feeling terribly inspired today either.  My earlier than usual morning left me feeling a bit sluggish and not overly creative.

I would have retreated back to my favourite site of old but it wasn’t loading.  Clearly the universe was just conspiring against me today.  In the end I still managed to at least fill a couple of pages with random doodles and do a quick charcoal portrait of a TV show character though.  Take that universe.  There may not be any prize winners among today’s sketches but it’s all still practice.

A Selection of Weaponry Some Bug Eyed Faces


6 thoughts on “Day 307: Just Some Random Doodles

    1. Thanks 🙂 I’ve been watching a lot of X-Files lately and the Cigarette Smoking Man is just so fun.

      I had a lot of fun with the sword in the middle too. I was kind of trying to draw a specific sword but without any kind of reference and without really worrying about whether it looked like it at all or not, so more inspired by.

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