Day 306: Some Sketchy Horses

Rough Racehorse SketchDay 2 of my newfound freedom was not quite as free as Day 1.  Mondays will do that to you I suppose.  We’re holding a horse racing themed event at work tomorrow.  So I decided to try to draw some horses to assist with advertising and decorations.  It’s sort of like having a prompt again.  Sadly I’m not very good at drawing horses.  I gave it a shot though.

I actually did one other horse drawing today but I left it at work.  I forgot to take a photo of it and while I did actually scan it at work I also forgot to bring my memory stick with me.  I know. Not exactly the best day ever for brain functionality.  That one was probably better than the ones I’m actually posting here though.  Unfortunately I also need to be up extra early for the event tomorrow.  I figured if there was going to be any chance of actually getting any sleep tonight I’d be better off going for super quick and messy sketches rather than attempting anything more detailed.

Terrible Horse Doodles Random Stylized Horse Doodles

Edit: Okay, I finally got around to getting a picture of the horse I drew at work.  It’s not actually that great either but still better than the rest of these I think.

Raceday Horse


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