Day 305: Of Hands and Faces, Shadows and Light

November Charcoal HandI hate to admit it, but I kind of feel like a huge weight has been lifted.  Somehow it feels like there’s a lot less to keep track of now that #drawlloween and #inktober are finished.  It’s not that I wasn’t enjoying having some prompts to work from, or doing a lot of drawing.  In a lot of ways it was a really great experience.  That doesn’t change the fact that I feel a lot freer now though.

I woke up this morning with a vague sense of dread because it’s Sunday.  I tried to think what all of the things I’d have to draw today were and then I realized all I really had to draw today was a hand.  Just one thing and that’s it.  Just a hand.  It was a huge relief.  It’s not that I didn’t want to draw more, just that there’s a distinction (at least for me) between what I want to do and what I feel I have to do.  I actually ended up wanting to draw more after I’d finished my hands anyway but it felt great to be drawing because I wanted to and not because I still had another box to check off.

Today’s regular hand sketch ended up going off the page a bit.  All in all I think it turned out okay though.  I’m still really struggling with charcoal but I’m sticking with it and hopefully I’ll have a breakthrough at some point.  All of the rest of the sketches, the ink ones, were from the imagination.  Drawing imaginary hands is definitely a challenge.  I had almost forgotten just how complicated and tricky hands are until I tried to draw some without a reference.  I feel like I should know where everything goes but in practice it just doesn’t work out that way.  It was still pretty fun to try though.

I also felt like playing around with shadows and lighting a bit more.  For that I decided to try drawing a bunch of faces from the imagination.  I really like drawing faces and they are without a doubt my favourite studies for light and shadows.  I am endlessly fascinated by how the form of a face is defined by shadow.  A face without shadow really isn’t much of anything.  Lately in conversations with people, as well as when watching shows, I occasionally find myself paying more attention to the shadows on their faces than to what they’re actually saying.

So I suppose that’s what I really wanted to experiment with today.  I love that I have a doodle book specific set aside for experiments like that now.  It’s great to draw just because I want to learn how again.

Silly Cartoony Hand Doodles Silly Quick Hand Sketches Really Bad Hand Doodles Faces Defined by Shadow More Faces Defined by Shadow


4 thoughts on “Day 305: Of Hands and Faces, Shadows and Light

  1. Love that charcoal hand! It is beautiful and shows the elegance of your fingers. The ink doodles are also great and and fun! If you really get to dreading doing a particular thing in art, you might want to take a step back and do something else. We’re not professional artists so we should just do what we find fun. 🙂

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