Day 302: A Selection of Scarecrows

The Crow ReaperI’m actually really enjoying doing multiple sketches per prompt.  Somehow it seems to take the pressure off a bit.  I get to experiment more and have fun with it.  So far it’s having exactly the intended effect.  Today’s #drawlloween prompt was “scarecrow” and that was a pretty fun one to work with.  Apparently my imagination does a bit better at furnishing me with images of scarecrows than it does with rats and witches.

While getting some practice drawing from the imagination is definitely one of the biggest benefits of this new experiment it isn’t the only one.  I’m also getting to extend my ink sketching practice.  For one thing that gives me a good way of finishing off #inktober.  More than that though I’ve discovered that I just really enjoy drawing in ink.  I think it suits me more than charcoal does to be honest though I do still have every intention of finishing out my charcoal sketchbook.  There’s still a lot I can learn from the charcoal and I love playing with different mediums.  Still, a girl’s allowed to have her favourites.  I can’t say for sure that ink is mine but I really do love it.  I’ve pretty much fallen in love with my brush pen at this point.  It was a bit of an awkward adjustment at first but now I don’t know what I’d do without it.

So my doodle sketchbook will most likely be an all brush pen sketchbook, even after #inktober ends.  Having two sketchbooks on the go at once is a bit odd and may somewhat defeat the purpose of having medium-specific sketchbooks.  It almost certainly defeats the purpose of getting cheap sketchbooks and just drawing anything I want in them without worrying about how it turns out or whether or not it’s a waste of paper.  That was my original intention.  Still, I think I’m okay with letting these things evolve a bit and seeing where that takes me.  I like drawing from references and I feel like I learn a lot that way.  Having a sketchbook that’s just all about silly doodles, crappy sketches, experiments and drawing from the imagination is great though.

A Little Scarecrow Doodle A Little Scarecrow Silhouette Scarecrow Singin in the Rain


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