Day 301: Black Cats Deserve Love Too

A Black Charcoal KittenToday’s #drawlloween prompt was “black cat”.  That’s another prompt that I can really get behind.  I absolutely love black cats.  In fact, I’m going to let you in on a little secret.  Don’t tell all the other kinds of cats but black cats are actually my favourites.  My mother and brother acquired a black cat about 2 years before I was born and I loved her dearly.  Being born into a household that already contained a black cat pretty much created a lifelong bias that I have done absolutely nothing to overcome.

I suppose I’ve known for a very long time about some of the superstitions surrounding black cats.  Somehow I just completely disassociated it from the reality of black cats.  They’re just so beautiful and fantastic and adorable and my bias was already so firmly in place that I couldn’t possibly imagine them being bad luck.  I didn’t even realize until a couple years ago that there are people out there who are actually prejudiced against black cats.  I suppose I always assumed that everyone believed, as I did, that black cats were clearly the most beautiful and amazing of all cats and possibly even the most wonderful animals in the world.  I even felt a twinge of remorse and pity for all the other kinds of cats, imagining that they most likely didn’t get as much love because of their obvious inferiority.  Apparently that was not the case.

This is a tough time of year for black cats.  Around Halloween superstitions tend to run rampant a bit and people tend to be cruel to black cats.  I was pretty horrified when I found that out.  So today I’m happy for the opportunity to spread some black cat love.  They are beautiful amazing animals.  They’re pretty much like miniature panthers which makes them basically the most adorable creatures on the planet.  That’s my 100% objective opinion.  Now go find a black cat and hug it.

Black Cat Sitting Sillhouette Black Cat Begging Sillhouette Adorable Black Cat

Okay so that last one isn’t a sketch.  I did take the photo though.  That’s my own beautiful black cat.


8 thoughts on “Day 301: Black Cats Deserve Love Too

  1. Those are wonderful drawings and silhouettes! I never knew about the black cat superstition until we moved to North America and have always loved them. Cats are my favorite pets anyway, but the first cat I had (well, it was really an alley cat that adopted us but wasn’t really our pet), was the most awesome cat ever…it had the grace and independence of a cat but some of the loving personality of a dog. Gosh, I miss her.

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    1. Sounds like a great cat. My little one pictured here is definitely half dog. He’s the most loving chillaxed cat in the world but he also eats everything in sight (shoe-laces, earphones, TV cables, etc …) and has been known to play fetch. He pretty much gives me mini heart attacks on a regular basis but I love him to pieces.


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