Day 300: A Pair of Witches

The Wicked WitchToday is my 300th day in a row of sketching.  I’m not sure I ever truly believed that I’d make it this far but I am very glad that I did.  Only 65 days left in my Sketch a day challenge.  Then I’ll have to decide in what form I want to continue past that.  I very much doubt that I’ll give this up entirely though.  It’s been a really great experience so far.

I didn’t manage to get too many sketches in today though.  That doesn’t mean that I’m breaking my new resolution.  These sketches were definitely still quick and dirty.  I just stuck to two so that I could try to get some sleep.  My bad sleeping habits have really been getting out of control lately.  I had every intention to get an early night today but instead I ended up making some potentially life altering decisions and completely side-tracking my plans for the afternoon.  These things happen I suppose.

So in the time I allocated for sketching today I did one quick ink doodle from the imagination and one quick charcoal sketch from a reference both on the #drawlloween prompt of “witch”.  Then I spent the rest of the time typing up this post.  Now I get to go to sleep.  I still won’t get a full night but it’s better than nothing and I still got some practice and ridiculous experimentation in.  All in all, not too bad.

The Old Hag


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