Day 298: The Day of Four Sketches

Imhotep Summons YouTechnically only three of these sketches were actually necessary.  The fourth one was a bonus, an idea that occurred to me at the last minute.  I can’t wait for October to be over.  I didn’t actually spend very long on any of these though.  I’m sure that shows.  Once again I left it far too late for no particular reason and then ended up rushing through my sketches.  The lesson I think I learned today is that I’m much better at rushing and BSing ink sketches than I am charcoal ones.  No big surprise there I suppose.  I’m still not really used to drawing with charcoal.

So the first sketch I did was the hand sketch because it is Sunday and Sunday Hand Drawing Day is my firmest, oldest and therefore most sacred tradition when it comes to arbitrarily assigned sketching rules.  It’s a bit of a mess but honestly I’m not sure I expected it to come out much better.

A Pinch of CharcoalThe second sketch of the day was a very rough attempted self-portrait.  I decided to try that one in charcoal too since I hadn’t done any self portraits in charcoal yet.  This one was done for Teresa’s monthly self-portrait day on the 25th.  It really looks nothing like me but again I didn’t really expect it to.  I actually drew this really quickly based on my reflection in my computer screen as I was waiting for it to reboot after crashing.  Probably not the best plan I ever had.  Honestly it was hard to even make out any of my features.

A Charcoal ReflectionThe third sketch I did was my #drawlloween “mummy” for the daily prompt.  That was fairly low on the priority list but so far I’ve actually done alright at keeping up with #drawlloween so I wanted to at least give it a shot even if it was just a silly doodle really.  I did that one in ink in a different sketchbook so that it could count as my #inktober sketch as well.  I wasn’t really feeling up to doing the mixed media thing today.

Mummy DoodleWhile I was in the middle of the silly mummy doodle the fangirl portion of my brain decided to turn on and I remembered another Mummy I could have drawn instead.  That’s what made be decide to do sketch number four.  The eleven year old me just couldn’t resist.  Also I figured it might be nice to do at least one sketch today that I could actually use a reference photo for.  That one, although definitely still quite rushed, was my favourite sketch of the day.  I’m all about the reference photos.


13 thoughts on “Day 298: The Day of Four Sketches

    1. Thank you :). Notice how I still prioritized your #SelfieArt Day over #drawlloween? Of course I fully intended to get to all three of them. I do like practicing self portraits once in a while though. Someday I may even produce one that looks like me.

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