Day 297: A Skeleton Pleads His Case

A Skeleton Pleads His CaseToday I am defying my self-imposed rules.  I’m a rebel.  I will not be held to all of these rules.  You can’t contain my spirit.  Well … mostly I’m just tired.  That’s a boring story though that’s been told a million times before.  The point is that I am making an active choice here.  That choice really mostly just involves doing an ink sketch rather than and ink and charcoal sketch.  Pretty out there, I know.

So what happened was that today’s #drawlloween prompt was “skeleton”.  I was a bit intimidated by that prompt.  I’m still not that great with full figures really.  Mr. Mannequin’s been doing his best to help me adjust but it’s still a challenge and Mr. Mannequin is comparatively very simple.  Skeletons have so much more detail.  I just wasn’t quite sure I could fit one into my tiny little A5 charcoal sketchbook.  I was also pretty anxious about trying to draw a skeleton in charcoal.  It pretty much took all of my willpower not to retreat back to my old safe haven of pencil sketching.

Luckily I did have an A4 sketchbook lying around that I’ve been using for Dr. Sketchy’s.  So my plan was to draw a full figure skeleton in that sketchbook to fulfill the requirements of #inktober and #drawlloween and then do a simpler charcoal sketch in my charcoal sketchbook of whatever I felt like to maintain the daily flow of that sketchbook.  Needless to say things didn’t quite go according to plan.  When do they ever?

First of all, the proportions were way off on my skeleton sketch and he ended up going off the page a bit.  So much for a full figure skeleton but you sort of get the idea I guess.  More importantly I spent far longer than intended procrastinating before drawing him.  At first I just got distracted but then I definitely crossed over into just stalling.  I suppose that’s what happens when I feel really intimidated by a subject.  So I got started too late once again and by the time I finished I was completely beat.  I really was hoping to get an early night.

Anyway, the idea of doing even a really simple charcoal sketch is just too daunting right now.  The gods of #inktober and #drawlloween have been appeased.  I sacrificed my daily sketch streak in my charcoal sketchbook just to keep them happy.  Now I’m going to try to get some sleep.


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