Day 296: Who Killed Mr. Mannequin?

Who Killed Mr. MannequinI feel like I’m getting less and less creative by the day here.  I really need to up my game.  Anyway, I once again realized last night after I had already finished my sketches that I had forgotten about my Figure Drawing Thursday … again.  Clearly I’ve just got too much going on right now.  Poop neglected Mr. Mannequin.  That’s two weeks in a row that I forgot about him.

I figured I would make try to make it up to him by drawing him today instead.  Imagine my surprise when I found him lying dead with his limbs sprawled out in awkward directions.  Poor Mr. Mannequin indeed.  I only hope this wasn’t a direct result of my neglect.

Yeah, today’s #drawlloween prompt was “gore” and this was my very lame attempt to kill two (or three including #inktober) birds with one stone.  It’s a good thing Mr. Mannequin is such a great sport.


8 thoughts on “Day 296: Who Killed Mr. Mannequin?

  1. I really like your mannequin and I feel the same. I wonder if it’s doing the challenge. I find it easier to do a few one day and then break for a few days.

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    1. Hmmm … that’s an interesting approach. Well, I think I can probably hold out. There’s only one week left after all and then I can take a break from all these challenges for a while and just do some straight up charcoal sketches. Though that’s a bit intimidating in its own way.


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