Day 292: The Creature from the Back Lagoon

The Creature from the Black LagoonToday’s #drawlloween prompt was “creature from the black lagoon”.  That one’s pretty to the point.  I’m sure there are some imaginative things I could have done with it were I feeling particularly creative.  Sadly I wasn’t.  My mental image for it was some kind of blob monster.  Apparently the creature from the black lagoon looks more like some sort of humanoid amphibian though.  At least I didn’t have to spend much time figuring out what to draw or looking for a photo.

I’m not too happy with this sketch.  It actually felt like something a five year old would draw as I was doing it.  In the end I think it looks better than I was imagining it but still a bit sloppy.  It turns out that drawing cheap Sci-Fi costumes is not exactly my strong suit.  I much prefer faces that convey some kind of emotion.  Maybe I should take a shot at getting the creature from the black lagoon to emote at some point.  I think I need some more practice drawing from the imagination.


10 thoughts on “Day 292: The Creature from the Back Lagoon

  1. I think it gets top points in the creepy department, but you could be right about it not being the best one you’ve done. I tried to draw something scary and discovered that I couldn’t…we all have things we have a hard time drawing. :}

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  2. This one would have been a hard prompt to do… I think it came out pretty well! I’m still liking the ink & charcoal combination! Also, I totally need more practice drawing from the imagination, because right now I feel like I always need a model/reference to work from & can’t really deviate from it.

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    1. Yeah, that’s pretty much where I’m at too. My “self portrait” the other day was pretty much from the imagination, mostly because I gave up trying to look in the mirror and do it properly. That took me about 50 tries though and it was really basic. Other than that I always draw from life or from a reference and I rarely ever deviate from what’s there.

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