Day 291: A Strange Mixed Media Mask and a Charcoal Hand

A Little Bit of Charcoal Today is another two sketch day for me.  Luckily I managed to actually get to them in the morning again so I still have some hopes of getting an early night.  Sadly I missed my last two sketch day.  I was so excited about thinking up an excuse to draw Rumplestiltskin again on Thursday that I completely forgot it was figure drawing day until I was lying in bed that night.  By then it was a bit too late.  Poor Mr. Mannequin didn’t get his day in the spotlight this week.  I hope he’s not too upset about it.

I still absolutely refuse to forget about my hand drawing day though.  The first thing I did today (after breakfast) was my hand drawing.  I decided to do today’s hand sketch entirely in charcoal.  It’s my first hand drawing in my charcoal sketchbook so it felt appropriate.  It’s definitely an interesting effect.  I’m quite enjoying working with charcoal even if I still have very little control over it.

Then there was the #drawlloween prompt for the day, which was “mask”.  I’m still trying to finish out #inktober here so I combined ink and charcoal again for this one.

Oni Mask

I think it came out a bit strange.  When I was looking for a mask to draw it occurred to me that I could have used some of those for yesterday’s demon sketch.  I ended up looking for a Japanese oni mask (because I really loved all of the oni mask sketches Kerfe has done) so pretty much everything I was looking at was a demon.  The one I picked was a bit less demonic than some of the others but I liked its expression.  I’ll have to do another one all in charcoal at some point to see how that turns out.


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