Day 288: A Doting Grandfather

The Child of the Moon AmuletHere’s my first stab at Kerfe‘s suggestion to combine ink and charcoal so that I can finish out #inktober in my charcoal sketchbook.  It was definitely an interesting experiment.  I opted to do the basic line drawing in pen and then use charcoal for some of the shading.  The nice thing about doing it this way is that I get more experience with both my brush pen and the charcoal.  I’m definitely beginning to adjust more to the brush pen which is nice.  I still have trouble figuring out what I’m doing with the charcoal but perhaps I’ll eventually learn to control that too.  I’ll have lot’s of time to practice anyway.

I wasn’t necessarily planning to continue my recent fan art trend.  Today’s #drawlloween prompt was “amulet” and I pretty much just drew a blank.  I tried typing it into the google image search and wasn’t overly impressed by the results.  I do like my sketches to have some type of significance.  That can be either because the subject holds a special significance to me or just because I appreciate the artistry of the shot.  Drawing a completely random amulet just didn’t hold much appeal.  So I retreated back into the realm of fan art.

I spent a bit of time trying to think of amulets in movies or TV shows I had seen.  Again, none of them really jumped out at me as being special or significant.  Failing that I just picked my favourite show and my favourite character in said show.  It was really only a matter of time until I managed to twist one of these #drawlloween prompts into another Rumplestiltskin sketch.  I just can’t help myself.  So here’s gool ol’ Rumple handing an amulet over to his grandson to protect him from nightmares.  He’s just so sweet.  I’m not sure how well the charcoal shading really works for his face but I gave it a shot.


13 thoughts on “Day 288: A Doting Grandfather

  1. This one’s really fantastic! I love the combination of ink & charcoal, so thanks to you & Kerfe for the idea – I will have to try it out in the future.

    His face is great – I like the eyes & mouth in particular! I hope you’ll try more ink/charcoal drawings!

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