Day 287: A Charcoal Bat and Some Ink Doodles

A Charcoal BatIt’s my first official day of my newest sketchbook.  As I’ve mentioned before I decided that my new sketchbook will be a charcoal sketchbook.  For whatever reason I’ve been sticking to separate mediums for separate sketchbooks.  My last one was ink.  Before that was watercolour and pencil before that.

I actually bought the sketchbook I’m using now back in March along with a set of cheap charcoal sticks.  I had never tried charcoal before so I was curious to test it out.  The day I bought the sketchbook I was out at the shops without a sketchbook and I was upset and felt like drawing.  My solution was to buy a cheap sketchbook and charcoal (since it was a medium I didn’t own and thus wouldn’t be a waste) and do some silly doodles.  That was what made me designate this as my charcoal sketchbook.  Today’s sketch is on the third page of that sketchbook.  The first page has the silly doodles from back in March and the second page has the raven from a couple days ago.  From here on out I’ll be actually consistently using this sketchbook though.

Kerfe suggested that I combine ink and charcoal for the next couple of weeks to finish out #inktober.  I though that was a pretty great suggestion that will no doubt yield interesting results so I think I’m going to give it a shot.  For today though it ended up being unnecessary because I went a bit doodle crazy with my brush pen at work.  Today’s #drawlloween prompt was “bat” which is what I did the charcoal bat for.  That’s my “serious” art for the day.  At work I had some less serious takes on the prompt.

Some Silly Cartoon Bats

I have a bit too much fun turning spooky halloween prompts into silly fan art.  When I saw that the prompt for bat I decided to draw Laylee from the upcoming Yooka-Laylee.  You may remember her from the silly birthday card I made for my husband back in May.  When I was drawing her though one of my co-workers asked if I was drawing Bartok from Anastasia.  So I decided to draw Bartok as well for good measure.  You can never have too many silly cartoon bats I suppose.

After that my co-worker asked me too draw Baloo from The Jungle Book and the Rafiki from The Lion King.  I decided to oblige her.

Baloo the Bear Rafiki Goes Bananas

She had an interview later in the afternoon so I thought I’d be nice and keep her entertained while she waited.  Clearly she felt like going a bit Disney crazy.  I have no real objections to that.  It was actually quite fun drawing silly cartoon characters.  I don’t do very many of those so it was an interesting change.

An Afternoon of Silly Sketches


12 thoughts on “Day 287: A Charcoal Bat and Some Ink Doodles

    1. Thanks! The charcoal is an interesting adjustment. I feel like I have a lot less control over it than other mediums. It’s seems to work out okay though.

      I totally used reference pictures for the Disney stuff but it was still lots of fun.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I am a Don Bluth fan, yes. I love Anastasia in particular and I’m not sure there are any kids in my generation who didn’t love The Land Before Time. I was also pretty crazy about An American Tail and All Dogs Go to Heaven as a kid.


      1. Yeah, I like Don Bluth as well! Big part of my childhood (well, some of his movies, anyway – some I didn’t quite like, but the ones you mentioned are all classics!).

        I’ve actually thought many of your drawings have had a Don Bluth feel to them. 🙂 A lot of your portraits in particular – something about them.

        Liked by 1 person

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