Day 286: A Modern Prometheus

A Modern PrometheusYou cannot stop my crazy fan girl ways.  I insist on completely misinterpreting at least half of these #drawlloween prompts or twisting them to suit my own purposes in any case.  Also, my husband is a bad influence when it comes to these things.  He aids and abets my crazy fan girl ways.

Today’s #drawlloween prompt was “Frankenstein”.  Now I realize that in keeping with the Halloween theme of this challenge I suppose I ought to assume that they are in fact referring to Frankenstein’s monster.  I’m going to be deliberately obtuse though.  In fact, I believe that it is my solemn duty to be obtuse in this case!  I am an English Lit major after all!  Victor Frankenstein was the scientist who brought a creature made of dead body parts to life, not the creature itself.

Of course, while there is a very clear cultural image of the creature in our collective unconscious there is a much less specific image for the creator.  The monster is a cultural icon.  The creator is not.  While one could easily imagine that the following idea came from me, it was in fact my husband who presented it to me.  When I told him I would be drawing Frankenstein for the last sketch of my ink sketchbook his immediate response was “Dr. Whale?”.  I honestly can’t believe that my fan girl brain didn’t go there first.

Victor Frankenstein is actually a character in Once Upon a Time and I think by this point we all know how obsessed I am with that show.  I wonder how many of the #drawlloween prompts I’ll be able to pull out of Once Upon a Time.  Too bad there’s no prompt for Rumpletstintskin.  I’d be all over that … again.  Anyway, this is Once Upon a Time’s version of Dr. Victor Frankenstein, Mary Shelley’s modern Prometheus.  I really only briefly considered drawing any other version of him.


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