Day 285: The Rabbit in the Moon

The Rabbit in the MoonToday’s #drawlloween prompt was “moon”.  I just couldn’t resist this one.  It’s a bit different from what I usually do but it was actually a lot of fun.  I’ve been meaning to try drawing a silhouette for a long time now.  They’re one of those really intimidating and yet fascinating things.  I think it’s really quite amazing how easily you can get an idea of what something is based purely on a silhouette.  It’s a one tone two dimensional shape with hardly any detail and yet somehow it can convey so much.  I guess I always assumed that there was some sort of magical incantation involved in getting that to work and that I couldn’t possibly replicate the effect.  I finally worked up the nerve to try though.

Anyway, drawing just the moon didn’t seem like it would be too interesting.  I suppose I could have incorporated it into pretty much any kind of sketch.  I’m a fan girl though.  So because of that the first thing that came to mind when I saw the prompt for moon was Sailor Moon.  Yup, I’m a dork.  I’m okay with that.  It’s not very Halloweeny but I’m beginning to accept that none of my #drawlloween sketches are really turning out as spooky as the name would suggest.  I still like doing my own thing with the prompts.  It’s much more fun that way.  Now I just need to learn to draw a circle …


6 thoughts on “Day 285: The Rabbit in the Moon

  1. Some of your Halloween drawings are really spooky! This one is fun! Glad you decided to try a silhouette. I’ve tried it a couple of times doing scherenschnitte, but I’m not good with scissors. I should attempt one in ink like you did. 🙂

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    1. Thank you 🙂 It was actually quite fun and turned out a bit better than I expected. Of course I wasn’t really expecting much. I think you should definitely give silhouettes a try sometime though. I’d love to see it:).

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